Caraway Conference Center & Camps – COVID Update

Last updated: June 25, 2020.

Please read about our COVID response and summer program updates.

In addition to our normal cleanliness, Caraway commits to the following:

Our COVID Response:

  • We will be encouraging appropriate physical distancing and hygiene including handwashing.  Our staff will model this and communicate the importance of proper hygiene in FUN ways.
  • Parents/church leaders must do a wellness/temperature check within 24 hours prior to arrival at camp. More specifics to come.
  • We will provide wellness checks upon camp arrival and during camp daily at breakfast and dinner. We will be checking each camper’s temperature and documenting other symptoms.
  • We will sanitize before the arrival of a group at each activity. This will include recreation, group gatherings, and skills classes.
  • We will modify recreation and skills classes to decrease the number of campers in each group and will not play any games requiring direct contact.
  • We will honor our government’s guidelines on large group gatherings. It is our understanding from our health department that we can spread out groups across our campus to meet this number.  Therefore, as needed we will split worship times and meal times to always meet this number.
  • We will modify the location of corporate worship if needed to meet the maximum number in one place and to accommodate appropriate distancing. We are exploring the use of our outdoor covered court as a location for this.
  • Face coverings are encouraged.  There are occasional times when face coverings will be required for anyone ages 11 and up when physical distancing is not an option.  Optional Mundo Vista face coverings will be available for purchase in the camp store.
  • We are providing additional handwashing stations for high traffic areas like the dining hall. We will also have hand sanitizer in every public building.

Additional COVID Questions:

  • What about meals?
    • We will continue to offer hardy meals to our guests.
    • We will modify food service to meet logistical and safety needs.
    • We will be encouraging the use of outdoor seating to reduce dining group sizes when needed.
  • What about sleeping arrangements?
    • We are making plans for appropriate physical distancing while sleeping. The exact amount of campers in a cabin will not be known until closer to the week. Participants will practice "head to toe" sleeping arrangements so their breathing is not directly next to each other.
    • During Children’s Church camps, chaperones will be provided with cleaning supplies to help clean and sanitize in cabins.
  • Are you in contact with your local health department?
    • Yes, we have been talking with them about clarifications and will stay in touch.
  • What about recreation and swimming?
    • We are modifying games and recreations to accommodate appropriate distancing while not losing the FUN!
    • We plan to swim with reduced numbers with appropriate distancing.
  • At what point will Mundo Vista send a participant home?
    • If there is a fever of 100.4° F or more
    • Continual coughing, shortness of breath, or difficulty breathing
    • Vomiting and/or Diarrhea
  • Participants may not come to Camp Mundo Vista if they cannot answer yes to all of the following questions
    • Has it been at least 10 days since you first had symptoms?
    • Have you been without a fever for three days (72 hours) and without any medicine for the fever?
    • Has it been three days (72 hours) since your symptoms have improved?

Children’s Church Camp

Children’s Church Camp week 1 on June 22-26 is canceled.  We will send full refunds. Churches do have the option to donate their deposit to Caraway Conference Center and Camps.

Mini Camp and Weeks 2-5 will continue as scheduled. This is contingent upon regulations given from The State of North Carolina. We will be in touch with group leaders to give them more information concerning their specific weeks.


We are moving our June 12 father-son to our Conference Center on the weekend of July 24-26. This will allow for immediate families to lodge in private hotel-style bedrooms together.

Camp Mundo Vista Mother-Daughter Retreats

Both summer mother-daughter retreats at Camp Mundo Vista have changed.  There are two options:  Moms can transfer to the mother-daughter retreat at Caraway Conference Center on July 17-19 or can transfer to Camp Mundo Vista’s Autumn Journey retreat Nov. 6-8. If you cannot move to either we will issue a full refund if you prefer.

Horizons Camp for Girls

This summer, we are excited to offer Horizons Camp for Girls at Camp Mundo Vista. We continue to plan for this summer and are ready to offer an amazing program. We still have a few spaces available.

Warrior Camp for Boys

This summer, we are excited to offer Warrior Camp for Boys at Camp Caraway. We continue to plan for this summer and are ready to offer an amazing program.

Grand Camp

We are planning Grand Camp as scheduled with the appropriate safety measures in place. Contact Jeff Kohns for updates.

Caraway Mountain Day Camp

We are adding this new program to provide a fun Christian childcare option for those near Randolph County. The dates for Caraway Mountain Day Camp are:

  • June 8-12
  • June 15-19
  • June 22-26

More Info...

Camps Guest Groups

If your group is renting Camp Caraway or Camp Mundo Vista for your own camp or program, please contact Britt Fleming for updates.

Conference Center Groups

For any Conference Center guest groups, please contact Jeff Kohns for updates.